Welcome to the newsletter page. The newsletter is intended to drop into your email once a month and will include elements that are relevant to what the Silent Man is all about.


What is it?


Initially, I will cover areas such as book reviews, information, and snippets from the news. In time, I want you to send me details of how we can improve the newsletter together. There is nothing worse than receiving information into your mail which is not informative or looks unprofessional. With your help, the newsletter will develop over time to what you want and need, and not something is totally owned by myself – it is for you after all!






So to get started, when I reach over one hundred people who join The Silent Mail or from the beginning of March 2019, I will cover the following areas:

  • Why don’t you…?
    • a look at things you can do to take your mind off life for a while
  • Monthly update
    • an update of what has been discussed on The Silent Man
  • Three Points of purpose  
    • this is an area where we 
  • Important dates
    • dates that you will be prompted to remember which may be of use to you