About Me

About Me

We have been given the gift of speech but as men, we tend to make ourselves less audible. Let us stop and let’s talk

 Some men can talk and some men cannot or rather, choose not to. Or do they?


There are many of us who have continued on the journey of life and have somehow suppressed our feelings. What we believe we should say to our family, friends, colleagues and perhaps everyone we meet, doesn’t happen.


It is my intention that speaking from my own personal experience from childhood to now, to give men their own little place of sanctuary. They can engage, discuss and perhaps help others by communicating with each other in an environment free from judgment.

Who Am I?


My name is Stephen and I’m 48. It sounds as though I am at the local Alcoholics Anonymous meeting but I’m not. This is a man who has led a life that has been hindered by a number of issues that I have encountered along the way.


I would like to open up to other men across the globe. Whether you’re straight, gay, transgender, black, white etc, and I guess my hope is that you may do the same.


You are all aware that mental health and the ability of men to openly discuss their problems with anyone is negative. Furthermore, it is well documented. But here is the thing, what if we could talk about our problems without pressure from family or health professionals, colleagues or bosses? What if you feel that you haven’t got anyone to talk to?


Maybe you feel like me and that through my existence on this planet. This has led me to not really expressing my opinion, sharing my angst and pain with other men, or more notably, my friends and family. It is not pretending that this is easy – it is not.


I am not a health professional, and I have never practiced the art of providing mental health solutions to others – I feel that in the UK, there is an over-burdened National Health Service that seems to be crumbling due to austerity measures being imposed upon it, and perhaps doesn’t have the resources to provide the help that a lot of people need – more directly, mental health.


My life has been gifted to me. But as with us all, it has never run smoothly. My experiences have included alcoholism, death, financial ruin, trauma, relationship breakdowns and attempted suicide and also includes run of the mill ups and downs. But one thing has escaped me throughout, and that is to talk.


And as men we don’t talk about   relationships, our mental health, problematic children because we don’t…we’re men!




To encourage men across the globe to talk about their problems within their domain. Share their mental health problems and other issues with others so we can communicate, and perhaps offer help and advice within our own community. We are not health professionals, nor are we going to provide solutions, but we can open up. This could possibly reduce the impact of mental health related issues in men.

“Understand and utilise the power of conversation”

— The Gentleman’s Rulebook