Dog Biting

Dog Biting

The thought of biting a police dog has never really appealed to me but I believe it does to some. Firstly, where would be the best place to bite and what would be the expectation in the aftermath?


Legging it


Criminals will as we all know, go to extreme lengths to escape the plod. There is nothing worse than having to give up your ill-gotten gains to spend time inside after being ‘lifted’. It is no wonder that anything goes when trying to escape the clutches of the law. Biting a police dog must surely be one of the more gruesome events to happen?


Collared by the police, one guy actually bit a police dog in the hopes that the dog would allow the escape to happen.



Where would be the best place to bite the dog? I wouldn’t have a clue but I think his thought process, (being a criminal), could be that when he got out of prison, he could see the error of his ways and open a training school for the non-conformists of society, in dog biting.


If you imagine the situation from the image above – there is no way on this earth that I would think that biting the dog would be a good idea. I mean, the teeth for a start! Yes, I could punch and kick at it but I would look like a football hooligan when they ‘try’ to ‘fight’ the ‘opposition’ whereby they run towards the other firm and then quickly retreat backward again at the first sign of resistance. Or if am honest, like an old man fighting!


The expectation


I guess the feelings of satisfaction after biting the dog were short-lived after the attack but what did they expect the dog to do? Runaway with its tail between its legs? No, the dog duly bit the man back as would be expected. But, can you imagine what it looked like? The police must have been so relieved to see their dog get the upper-hand in this epic battle of man v dog. Maybe, the guy thought that after watching copious amounts of The Walking Dead, he could worry the officers into thinking that he was mad, bad and half-zombie!


The result


Probably the funniest moment of this story is the fact that, instead of being heralded for bravery in biting a trained animal, who will take you down no matter what, the guy who completed this act was actually charged with assaulting a police dog! That day in court would be interesting. I don’t know if dogs have lawyers to represent them with this kind of thing?

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