Look After Yourself

Look After Yourself

According to the Health and Safety Executive, over half a million people in the UK suffer from burnout and stress due to their type of work. People in healthcare are among the main sufferers, and why would we think it is OK for companies to expect too much from their employees?

‘You can only do so much in your day’ is what I hear in my line of work but what if you are a doctor, nurse, policeman/woman, and others in high pressured roles? What can we do to help alleviate the stress of the job we do?

There are so many teachers leaving the profession due to the workload and the abuse they suffer at the hands of others’ children (I heard on the radio – radio four, I think). We are surely a society that is on the brink of collapse? Or are we?

Britain’s epidemic is real. Look after yourselves, wherever you are.

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