05 April 2019

05 April 2019

A few things have happened since the last diary entry.

The new direction my life is taking is underway slowly. As from the 1st of April, I wanted to start to change the way I approach it. Closing in on my 49th birthday in July, I am steadying myself for the second half of my life beginning from my 50th birthday, in July 2020.

The preparation involves using the power of the WHM (Wim Hof Method). The process of breathing deeply and immersing yourself in cold water. Although relatively new to this, I have showered all this week using cold water. Afterwards, I have felt invigorated and totally refreshed! Well worth a look if you feel the urge, or, go to Reconnect on Facebook.

I must say that the cold bath was an experience. Easing myself into the tub made me feel as though I belonged in a care home. I slowly lowered myself in, breathing as if I was a set of bellows being squeezed vigorously! Once in, I managed to control the breathing but the cold was not unbearable once I had settled down. I stayed there for about eight minutes. Not a great deal of time but before my descent, I practised the breathing techniques as directed by WHM which helped me to control my thoughts. Although saying this, I still struggled to relax as AJ looked on in total disbelief that I was actually in a cold bath!



SJ has grown up to a lovely young person who is just starting to find their way. As part of this, they have to choose their options for the GCSE’s which can help determine the path in life. It brings back so many memories for me personally, and how different the relationship between SJ and me, and me and dad. I love being a dad!


The Mood

I am feeling good but also aware that this can change at any time. To combat this I am introducing the practice of yoga and meditation from May onwards. I feel that if I bring in everything all at once, I will fail. So with this in mind, I am changing the way my life is lived but firstly, it comes from within.

The mindset I have is geared for improvement, acceptance and enjoyment. Whichever direction the turbulent directional flow of life will take me, I am more prepared for it now than ever.

What would you do to change your life?



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