Spring Forward

Spring Forward

The saying goes in England that I have heard recently. ‘Spring forward, Fall back’ in relation to the altering of the clocks for British Summertime and British Wintertime respectively. Even for the most difficult of times that people experience, the glimmer of sunshine and warmer winds may improve the situation.

Make time

This time of the year always fills me with enthusiasm and hope. Not that anything has changed but more so to see the changing of life before my very eyes. To life somewhere as beautiful as the United Kingdom, there are so many areas of natural beauty that people seem to have missed.

A lot of personal research has concluded that when I am outdoors, I become a lot happier than sitting inside. Although I have music that I like to listen to or informative programmes that I can watch, nothing beats the outdoors to sooth my worry and angst. Making a promise to myself (and AJ for that matter), the need to be out of the house is important to me as it gives me time to think about how lucky I am. Blessed with the opportunity to experience nature at its finest.

Looking outside the window, I spent no more than five minutes observing the seagulls that were labouring on the thermals that made them look so elegant. They drifted across the sky without a care in the world and it made me question what it must be like to be anything apart from human.

Putting myself in their position, I thought of how uncomplicated the life of a bird may be. Or any other animal for that matter.


When seeing them in the city, they look commanding and steadfast, greedy and desperate but unlike us, they don’t know where they can obtain food from for the next meal, so I guess they have to scavenge. But imagine if your day consisted of flying around effortlessly and graceful, without worrying about bills or moods, or what others think of you.

A surreal experience for sure but what if we don’t realise that we can experience that sort of calmness which is both free and accessible?

What to do?

No matter how shit I feel sometimes, I can go outside. Even if it is into the road, garden or for a walk – it’s outside. Now, this may not mean anything to you guys, but to me, it is like I feel a sense of gratitude. Wind, rain or shine I appreciate the different options of weather that are open to us all.

Even if you struggle to move from the house, open the door (front or back) and listen. If you do this long enough, you will hear more than the rush of people’s lives going past. I bought AJ a bird feeder and put it up where she could see it, and told her to wait. She did, and there is an array of birds that she wouldn’t normally notice and it literally brings a smile to her face – and mine.

If you have kids, ask them to go with you on a walk and try to make it fun. Even if your kids are grown up, maybe ask them anyway? If like me, you like solitude then that is ok too. When on my own I can let all of the stress of the day disappear. Yes, the issues may still be there but they somehow seem easier to digest and manage.



The spring is a great time. Everything seems to be re-born after six months of hard work trying to survive. Some species are able to look after themselves and flourish when the weather turns brighter. We can too.

Self-care or self-love is just as important as any advice that I have been given. But it is not just telling yourself that things are going to be ok, more just to look at things a little different than perhaps you have over the last few months.


For me, the plan is to enjoy the outdoors in any capacity. Although I haven’t got the best walking equipment, I can certainly look at some charity shops for cheap, light trousers and jackets – they are all worth the money in my opinion. Even shorts and trainers if I am just road walking as it costs nothing.


Look at the spring as an opportunity to start something new. Something you haven’t done before or maybe you have in the past, and I’m sure you will thank yourself for it! But don’t give up or think it is too much – it is time to re-connect with yourself. To do this, there are a few ideas below:

  • Meditate outside
  • Try fresh foods – colourful food you can take outside
  • Walk
  • Contact people you want to, or haven’t seen in a while. Explain how you’re feeling and ask for help
  • Use the sun – it is good for you
  • Breathe – in a structured manner. I am going to be using the Wim Hof method going forward
  • Try something new – even just for an hour or two?

Another plan for myself is to document all the ‘adventures’ I go on this time around, to remember how it made me feel. Good or bad. Also, as part of my transformation into the second part of my life, I am writing a journal to help enthuse and encourage me to do the things that make me happy, and see where it takes me.

But firstly, it is little steps…

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!” 

― Audrey Hepburn


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