25th March 2019

25th March 2019

Looking back over the last couple of weeks has been a good learning curve as to where I was and where I would like to be. The mind I was struggling with has subsided after the recent events of wanting to end it all and say goodbye to this, cruel world.

But then it struck me. Maybe I am stronger than I think and all the trials and tribulations that have happened across my life, is on a par with others? What if I thought that it was just the norm to have situations ‘happen’ to you and that you are meant to get on with it? Is it God testing you? If so, for what, to make you struggle and feel insignificant and worthless?


There are a couple of books that I have been reading which have struck a chord with me and they are the following:

An Autobiography of a Yogi and The Primal Cure.


An Autobiography of a Yogi

This book has been quite a revelation to me and how I perceive life…and death. It has given me hope in the way life could be lived. Not an easy read but I felt a sense of ease when understanding the life that the yogi lived. It may seem far-fetched to some but I guess you need to have an open mind to appreciate what the message is trying to convey. Because of my interest in yoga, mindfulness and basically living a better life of acceptance and growth, I enjoyed reading it.



The Primal Cure

I am currently loving the information this book provides. If you want to try and make a difference in your thought process about the food that we eat, then this could be for you. The book takes you through the makeup of our bodies and how the different components work with the food we eat. It looks at how we have been conditioned to eat the foods that we find in the supermarkets without realising the damage it could be doing to us. Although I have only just started the book, I would fully recommend the purchase. Again, have an open mind on what it tells you and then make your own mind up.



As part of my determination to lead a more happy life, I would like to embrace all of the things that are supposedly good for us. This means looking after myself across several areas and documenting it to see how much I change over the course of about a year. What am I going to include?

I will look at my diet, my exercise plan, finances, mindfulness, yoga and following my intuition. This is in preparation for the second half of my life so I am giving myself just over a year to be the best version of myself and I am looking forward to it. Although there will be drawbacks along the way, I will handle them differently, and with a more positive attitude. I will keep you posted.



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