Everyone Is The Same…?

Everyone Is The Same…?

Stumbling our way through life and you can be consumed by what is happening to you. Nobody else has it worse than you, and I mean nobody! What must it be like to have a carefree life that has no problems that manifest inside?

Hell on earth

It has been in the news recently over a variety of stars who have unfortunately decided that life was too much for them or the unbelievable scenes from Christchurch, New Zealand, puts you in a frame of mind that what the hell is going on in the world? Are we that obsessed with everyone else that we fail to see the nicer elements that are in front of us?

The suffering that others are exposed to is horrific, and to live in it must be even worse. More and more we see that terror on TV or hear it on the radio and I have come to my understanding that we must live in some version of hell. For me, there can be no other explanation for what happens in the world today.

We cannot control the actions of others but we are subjected (directly or indirectly) to the aftermath. So much so that people question their own faith. A person I know has recently had an awful time due to the sudden death of her sister, her sister’s baby and then her brother, all in the space of a few weeks. They asked a colleague…..why would God let this happen? I am not sure I could give an educated nor reasoned answer.


What do we do?

Always looking at what the world has thrown at ourselves, we wallow in the mire of indulgence. From experience, this is what I have tended to do. And it has riled me. Not ever thinking myself to be selfish, I thought I was a genuinely nice person, who was always looking after others. But if I’m honest, how much of a nice person have I actually been and has it all just been a show?

We look around at others or we listen intently to what they say and it can become clear very quickly, that we live in a world that material possessions are more important than life itself. Looking at the cars people drive, or the house that they live in and you see that the younger generation seem to have everything. Money, cars, house, recognition to name but a few.

But how does this serve them, and future generations to come? It seems to me that unless you are beautiful, rich and materialistic, you won’t get far in life as the internet has groomed a race of perfection. But I guess this perfection may come at a price. There was talk in The Guardian that more help should be given to contestants who appear on TV and the immediate fame that this can bring.

Not known to myself, production teams can assess contestants in relation to their mental health before they appear on the TV – all well and good, but how much of their lives change when the camera is no longer rolling, and the TV programmes do not materialise? How do they cope?


Not the only one

But going back to the point that everyone is the same. I was wandering around the shop today and was hearing conversations and observing behaviours of others which was uniform throughout the day. The conversations rained about money and the lack of it, and how Mrs Jones at number thirty is struggling to pay the rent due to an extortionate council tax bill being passed to the bailiffs for collection – real-life problems that happen to millions every day.


The drawn faces that we see daily are there to remind us to have some enjoyment. God knows, it can be very difficult at times. When we think about it though, life is but a flash of our existence. You hear the conversations that involved the tasks that need to be done before yesterday, picking the kids up before they go to work, rushing to get back from work to collect them from the over-priced nursery closes at six! Everything is rushed and there is no downtime whatsoever!

People watching has fast become an observational sport over recent years. It is amazing what you can decipher when you take note of what is around you. When you actually take time out from the hustle of daily living, you can start to look at how difficult we are actually making our lives. We are all guilty of following the crowd and being unable to jump off the ever-increasing speed of the merry-go-round!


How do we slow down? If we don’t, we are sure we will be at risk of a heart attack due to stress, or cancer due to smoking and drinking excessively. But at what stage do we realise that we need to stop, relax and take time for us?

We are all consumed with the political tarmac of Brexit, the worries of what will or will not happen to us all. Or if you’re in the states, and the topsy-turvy world of Donald Trump and all the issues that he may bring. The world is wilder and seems to be going faster and faster, and nobody knows when they need to press the stop button. Or rather, nobody wants to?

Here is the thing…living life by everyone else’s example will surely bring heartache. Do we really want to laden with debt trying to keep up with the Instagrammers of this world; feel inadequate because we cannot match the person over the road whether it be the job, the house or the wife?

What would happen if, for just one day, we follow our instincts? The voice in your head. Not the one shouting and screaming that you must, must and must. But, the one that is telling you calmly, to think. It guides and soothes us when all around seems to be falling apart.



One approach that I am taking for the rest of my life, is one of slowing down. Not in the sense as I am getting older, but one where I am leading my life, and nobody else. I want to enjoy whatever time I have left here, and whatever it brings. To embrace the unknown and try not to fret when things do not go the way I planned.

From April, I am following my instincts to see where my journey takes me. I am stopping the world I’ve known, and getting off. My existence is not to be run by others – I am not their toy. Maybe you should try it, even for just one day and listen to the inner voice that guides you.


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