Sometimes, I Feel……

Sometimes, I Feel……

The way you feel is so unreal

To contend with this blanket of despair

Tearful, guilt-ridden and low self-esteem,

Are all just elements of my daily routine.

Hopeless and helpless, sad and downtrodden,

Where motivation and enjoyment are all but forgotten

But hey, don’t fret, don’t worry, there’s tomorrow,

If I leave you all today, would there really be sorrow?

Irritable and moody is what I’ve become,

Unable to take decisions, and happily move on.

Intolerant of others, more so the ones you love,

They probe and press and ask you for more,

No motivation, a low mood and sadness – that’s the score.

Gone is motivation which once was all there,

I never asked for this, so why should I care?

Enjoyment from others is difficult to see, my interests, concerns – I’m all about me.

Life is a blessing of this, it is true. With family and friends, you shouldn’t be blue.

Anxious and nervous, with suicidal thoughts, are all just normal parts of the course.

I wish you would take me away for the day, to live away from the chaos, ok?

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