I Don’t Smile Anymore

I Don’t Smile Anymore

What happened to the smile I used to wear, spread across my face for all to see.

An act that was so easy, personable and me.

The smile has straightened one single line, a cardiograph, a monotone, no sort of style.

Aching inside for a piece of glee, from family, friends or even just me. A love lost, now, just depression and me.

Upsetting to all, understood by none, a constant reminder of what I’ve become.

I don’t smile, laugh or have fun anymore, is it just me, am I just a bore?

The light that shines on all that I see, misses me out, I’m completely unseen

But to change is to grow and this is what must be

Becoming the light that nobody can see

To flick the switch and take control, grabbing hold of the life I once wore

Day by day and step by step, the journey begins to a life unmet

Beautiful people, so big, so small, many are rich  and many are poor

But these people matter as I do too, and on my journey, the sun will shine through

My mind is my tool, my soul is my life – I will overcome the trouble and strife

People are with me for love and support and how I repay them is my one constant thought

To show life, to show love  will win by a mile, but the best win of all is to show them my smile


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