21st February 2019

21st February 2019

Well, it’s been a struggle. I mean, what the hell!?

As you may know, I have been off from work due to depression and anxiety and allowed myself the freedom to let my mind have a day off. I was thinking about normal issues like work, money, lifestyle and how to change it but before I knew it, I was panicking about work, and how to cope.



The difference between worry and anxiety can be described best in Psychology Today but can be thought of as feeling ‘troubled about actual or potential problems’. Therein lies the problem as I was worrying (or was I anxious?) about a potential problem. Something that hadn’t happened yet, and for what? A whole evening of turmoil and stress, overthinking issues that didn’t even exist!

I suppose after an absence from work of three months can impact a little. More so if the absence is much longer, but it shouldn’t define us. Granted, the longer you are out of the workplace, the possibility of it being difficult to return may be more difficult. But not impossible. It may take time but you are capable of achieving this.




In my role, normally a lot is expected from me due to the nature of the job but, to be honest, I’m more expectant of myself. Guilty, in fact, that I want to be able to hit the ground running as I returned to the workplace and soon found myself in ‘the thick of it’. So much so that a person we supported passed away and they had a dog who is just brilliant! So playful and curious. So the day started with the sad news, which turned into a waiting game until everything that needed to,  could be sorted out.

With the dog, there was an issue, or so I thought. I work with some great people and a couple of them wanted to take on the dog as they didn’t want it to go to a rescue home. As the dog was fairly well looked after, it was decided that the animal would go to be groomed and brought back to its best as much as possible. So they are now about £100 lighter and have a new edition to their family, so all good in the end!





I think the joy of having an animal could not be underestimated. I would love to have my own dog but current circumstances won’t allow it, but definitely something to consider in the future. They can help you, listen to you, be non-judgemental and will always be your mate. All they ask for in return is a bit of love, food and exercise.

I don’t suppose that is too much to ask. But isn’t this what we need too? We could say that we need some self-love, good food (clean food), and being in nature. A recipe for success if you ask me.

We are not programmed to be worried and anxious all of the time but I know this gets in the way. Taking the happiness from each day can go a long way (am sure) to help slow the anxiety, but just like the time off work, it will pass, for you to become yourself again.



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