CBD For Me?

CBD For Me?

I contacted a company on Twitter the other week regarding a product they were offering. Salve Herbal was formed in 2018 by two friends who met at university in Manchester and consequently worked in similar environments in the finance world in London. They have decided to change direction, maybe just at the right time.


What is CBD?

Before you all panic, it is not as manic as you may think.

As is becoming widespread in the news and indeed, I would imagine, to the upset of the pharmaceutical companies, CBD products are fast becoming a part of modern life.  It can be used in the treatment for diagnosis such as epilepsy, sleep deprivation and pain relief to name a few. I would imagine that this list will grow endlessly in the near future.

In reality, the Evening Standard states the World Health Organisation advocates the possibility of CBD treating symptoms of:

Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, MS, pain, anxiety, depression, cancer and diabetic complications.

In my book, this is absolutely fantastic!


The Process

Salve Herbal have a range of products ready for the market and include the following:

5% Hemp Oil Drops 



The bottle arrived in very good time after I ordered it, which resonates with me for the provision of good service from the company. Packaged well and discreetly, I opened it up to find the above bottle. On reading a little more into it, the product is an extract of the cannabis plant itself, but without the psychoactive effects, therefore, I am not stoned from the ingesting it. This is opposed to many other manufacturers extracting oils from industrial hemp instead of active CBD plants. There is more information on Salve Herbal’s website.


The process

This is what I have been using and I have to say, it is working brilliantly. You may know that I have recently changed medication to Fluoxetine which has had an adverse effect on my sleeping patterns. If you connect this with anxiety and depression, you may understand it can be difficult. With this said, I have been using the 5% product which has been a revelation for me. The sleep I have had since using the product has been nothing but deep and peaceful. So much so, that I struggle to get up! I jest, but I do feel refreshed from the good night’s sleep.

The process is simple. Using the pipette, a couple of drops under your tongue does the job. It is quickly dispersed and absorbed into your body very quickly. Leave it to work in your mouth for about sixty seconds and you’re done!

However, there is a downside. Be prepared for a bitter taste in your mouth. A weird taste, so you have to understand that has been described as tasting as an ‘old sock’!

This aside, the product does what it is intended to do in my experience, which is to help me sleep and I certainly do manage to beat my target of seven hours a night. Normally, I will sleep for at the most, six hours but since using the 5% Hemp Oil product from Salve Herbal, my sleep has increased to over seven and a half hours on average.


What else?

Aside from the 5% hemp oil I have, Salve Herbal offer more options for the consumer. Firstly, they are in the process of improving the taste to a more manageable peppermint flavour which I believe would certainly be welcomed! Although I have to say that I have got used to the taste now!

The hemp oil comes in the following percentage 5%, 10% and 20% depending on what you are using it for. For sleeping, the 5% was good on a personal level – but you may be inclined to try the stronger version if you feel it would benefit you.

Further to the oil, Salve Herbal offer Active Hemp Freeze therapy which has been FDA approved in the states, and according to Salve Herbal, is the only gel available in the UK currently. This is a product that I will try in the future due to the aches and pains you acquire due to age!

You can contact the company here

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