30th January 2019

30th January 2019

I know I haven’t written for a couple of days but its all been a bit time-consuming. Not the writing to you guys, but other things which have got in the way.



The pitfalls and the upheavals alongside the downward spiral a lot of us seem to experience, but keep our chins up. So what have been the pitfalls? The decision to go back to work is a big one although I do work with some tremendous people. Not just in my team, but across the organisation too. But even they cannot suppress the anguish that I get sometimes after being away from work for so long.

This will pass of course. Going in to visit them yesterday was a blessing as it set my mind at ease, as a plan was arranged for the phased return which will last until the end of March 2019. I am thankful for my wonderful manager for this. She has been so understanding, as have the people who have covered for me in my absence.

Saturday just gone, we went to the screening of Daniel P Lewis’s story which he has written and starred in, which was a brilliant experience with the group from Hope Street.¬†An inspiring story indeed and I am so proud of him for achieving what he has done so far. His achievements have won him a number of awards which is fantastic.


New Beginnings

After the interview with Stefano for WellnessTV, I guess I have got a bit of confidence. I mean, I would never have contacted the likes of Happiful magazine where I have sent a little piece of my life to them, for consideration in their magazine. That said, I have received a message today which has put a smile on my face for the first time in a long time.

The message came from a guy I was at college with a while ago and he has given support to my ’cause’. It was such a lovely message to have as it gives me more desire to write. I know the problem is widespread by both young and old. Rob, thank you so much – I may take you up on your offer!


Law of Attraction?

Another good thing has happened as I have been in touch with a lovely lady from America who lost her son to suicide. I will write more about this in a future blog-post but it shows the power of the internet that it can reach so many, so far away.

And finally, I received a message from another blogger who has asked if I would write a post for them which I am so looking forward to doing – hopefully this week. I feel as though the Law of Attraction is at play here so long may it continue.

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