25th January 2019

25th January 2019

Today has been a day of mixed emotions, to say the least. I met up with work buddies for the first time since October 2018 and it felt nice to be in their company again.

To think that I have these people in a work situation is a blessing and one which I am so grateful for.

I had an interview for Wellness TV the other day and I have been given the video footage which is below. My old mentor, Stefano is my host and considering my current position, I am a little proud of the achievement. Alison, as ever, is rooting for me and it is an honour that she can support me the way she does.

Below is an introduction to the interview.


ūüĒ•¬†WELLNESS TV Ep.1! Click¬†https://bit.ly/2RPBHZh

I am excited to share this interview on how my client¬†Ste Matthews¬†had lost his way, was the heaviest he has ever been and through UDT…

РTransformed his body 

– Upgraded his mindset

РLost a lot of weight 

– Started his own business (The Silent Man)

Pretty amazing stuff!

Hope it may inspire others that all is not lost…
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