24th January 2019

24th January 2019

How do you describe numbness? Imagine yourself on a canal barge travelling through a long, circular tunnel, with the end seemingly a mile away. The light at the end of the tunnel continues to move further away as you get closer. The hum-drum sound of the engine muffled by the water underneath, your hands can touch the top of the tunnel giving a feeling of claustrophobia.


Great events

All this huddled together in one episode may give an understanding of how I am feeling today. The last few days have been filled with what should be happy occasions as I have been interviewed for WellnessTV, received publicity for the blog via UDT and One Year No Beer, with attending a premiere screening of ‘Daniel’, the documentary this weekend, you would think all is great.

How weird it is when your mind seems to stop you recognising the wonderful things that life can present to you? A powerful reminder of how fragile we can perceive ourselves on this journey through ‘muddledum’!


The Way

After the visit to the doctors on Tuesday, she was concerned but I suppose the overall factor in this, is how I respond to these feelings of nothingness, and the way forward is to try and maintain a positive outlook. And, to understand that the dose of Fluoxetine has been doubled so will take the necessary time to flood my system with the optimal outcome of a more positive me!



It will get better, for all of us.


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