21st January 2019

21st January 2019

The day wasn’t great today but the visit to the doctor was somewhat eventful. It always nice to see a friendly doctor and my one is a delight. But one thing is worrying her and that is my distinct lack of enthusiasm for anything exciting.

I have had three pieces of good news but my mindset is to remain unfazed by it. I seem continually disappointed with my lot but why do I feel like this on a regular basis?

Today has meant that I am working towards my return to work and although I will look forward to it, I want to feel 100% and I still don’t. The tablets are helping but I need to trust in my own judgement¬†in finding my way to feel better. What does this mean?

For starters, I had breakfast and drank water all day – 2 litres in fact so there is a plus side to it! But more to this, I decided that to become the person I want to be although will take time, will also take effort. But after all the exercise I have done today, I should sleep well tonight.

On another note, I am grateful for my son after his stay with us. He has been so helpful. He made a lovely curry on Saturday and then yesterday helped to create a Youtube page for The Silent Man, and after a long walk in the country. This is one thing I am happy to show gratitude for!

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