19th January 2019

19th January 2019

The thought of going back to work both worries, and excites me. The feeling of going back onto the cauldron of the work environment and the pressures that come with it is unnerving.


Following a wellbeing meeting in work the other day, I shared quite a lot with the counsellor. He was surprised that I hadn’t been offered any support in the past. The amount of ‘baggage’ that I was carrying around (and still do) was enough ‘for anyone’ to have, he stated. He wanted to refer me to a run of counselling sessions asap which is great.


The angst that I feel in returning to work in a few weeks is that I won’t be good enough to continue the role. However, as I state, it is a feeling. The feeling can be overcome but I suppose it is how you approach it, will be key. Before going back, however, there will be a meeting between myself and my manager to ensure that the best way to go forward happens. This is something which I will look forward to as there is support given to me from the interaction.


The plus side on returning to work is the feeling of inclusion. Seeing the people that make me happy is always a good thing from a working level. To have the level of support that we do in a pressurised job is a blessing experienced by few. The luck is certainly with me on this score.



Over the last few days, there have been a few events that have shown themselves which are quite exciting for me on a personal level. Although I won’t say anything on this blog at the moment, I will very soon. These may never come to fruition but it’s reassuring to know that there is some happiness in a somewhat dull time. Next weekend is the preview of the documentary regarding Daniel, the guy I met a week or so ago. This something that I am really looking forward to for a number of reasons. The main one being that I can relate to this inspirational story that anyone who has been through distressing times, can relate to.


Hopefully, things may turn….






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