17th January 2019

17th January 2019

A few days ago at Hope Street, I was introduced to a lovely lady by the name of Zarra. She spoke glowingly of the benefits of remaining positive and how it has changed her life. 


The Law of Attraction


The process she uses is the Law of Attraction. Before you look at me with eyes wide open, it has been around for thousands of years and it is no surprise that quotes from recognizable people can be attributed to the phenomena.


An easy task…?


For me, I actually do believe in this. The change in mindset has to be worth something and it seems to have worked for so many people. Zarra enthusiastically gave her presentation and guides on how to manifest the life you would like, not an easy task! But it is one that has worked for so many and on them is below.


The book that I have used and not to great effect it must be said is by a man called Mike Murphy.



The journey


His journey has been one of alcoholism, poverty and a failed marriage and the decision to change his life started when he visited a ‘mystery man’, a self-help guru who walked him through the process. Today, Mike’s life has changed beyond belief as he embraced and understood the concept of the Law of Attraction. He followed a seven-week programme that included the following areas for him to focus on:


  1. Find out what you really want
  2. Write your intentions
  3. Create your transmitter
  4. Listen with your subconscious
  5. Let go and trust, monitor and adjust


What now?


I have yet to fully embrace the concept if I’m honest, but I know Zarra has completely changed her life around through being a positive and open person after struggling with numerous problems including depression and anxiety. Zarra has turned 180 degrees and she is extremely positive in her persona and I hardly know her!


For me, the challenge is to turn my life around, and I am determined to do it.


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