Creating A Better You

Creating A Better You

The life that I have always wanted to have has, in some way, involved movement. Activity can be described as running, swimming, walking etc but I found a wonderful site on Facebook.


Ultimate Dad Transformation


Stefano Chiriaco has created a group called the Ultimate Dad Transformation (UDT) which is a great way to see the change you can be. Albeit dubious at the start, the understanding that your health is far more important than everything else in your life, I was intrigued. For instance, if you are unhealthy, you cannot possibly expect to become the best version of yourself.





The Change Afoot…


The first time that I knew of UDT was when I was looking for the opportunity to change my life by doing very little to help this. Drinking lager and wine on nights in, and out, I could see things were changing in my physiology. Coupled with not eating the right sort of food, it was starting to look like the threat of middle-age was encompassing all that I didn’t want.


The beer belly was fast becoming a reality and the capillaries in my face were reddened more than usual. The point where I knew it was becoming an issue was when we drank five bottles of red wine in one night. The song by the Beautiful South is quite apt.


This was how I was feeling if the truth is known.


So why UDT?


Stefano offered me a solution, and I opted to take it. After making the initial contact via Facebook, I was asked to receive a phone call from UDT. To be honest, I really didn’t want this as I thought it would be a sales call from a company based somewhere, with the hard sell. It wasn’t.

The phone call was from Stefano himself and I am so glad it was. On the other end of the line was a guy who I didn’t know, asking me the reasons as to why I want to change myself and the way that I was living. It was the personal touch which impressed me and he was so personable. More to the point, he was not prepared to give me the help I needed unless I actually wanted it. Something which you do not get at a gym.



What Happened…


The phone call ended and I had agreed to sign up to the 12-week programme. Before you all recoil back in shock, you do have to pay. But what price is your health that you should value?


I was given a format for me to follow which included all aspects of what is good for me and what isn’t. The process was access to follow a tracking system that would ensure you were documenting what you were being taught to the letter. This is important as you will see the changes happen before your eyes!


The first requirement is to understand what you should eat to start to lose weight. It is not as drab as you may think and the way Stefano has created the course gives plenty of food options. The benefit of this comes from the structured approach to diet and how it should be applied. It is very easy to follow.



The foods are plentiful and ones that you don’t eat for the first four weeks, are hardly missed. A difference in your appearance is noticeable early on. There are weekly meal plans that you can use but in fairness, you can utilise the ingredients accordingly if you are more culinary minded.


Alongside the dietary requirements, is an exercise programme that is easily followed. It is also three repetitions of exercises that can be completed within 20 minutes. However, it took me about thirty but that was due to personal choice.


These exercises are designed to be tough but also achievable and all are explained thoroughly via a video programme as part of the course fee. I would suggest that you buy some kettlebells of varying weight as this gives you the resistance you need. For the record, across the twelve weeks, I actually lost one and a half stones following the programme. It is achievable.


So what are you waiting for? Get in touch here and start to transform yourself!


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