12th January 2019

12th January 2019

After the events of the last few months and a lot of years previously, the search to find something that could help me turn my life around continued…

Transcendental Meditation

On Thursday last, I went to a meeting to discuss the option of Transcendental Meditation (TM) and learning how to do it. It sounds a wonderful practice to do and after speaking to the hosts, I was encouraged to convince myself. Although it is initially expensive, the amount of money that I have spent in my life on rubbish, makes it a sensible decision.
Going with an open mind, I sat in a quiet room with a small group of people and was introduced to the magic of TM. The presenter was a lovely lady who was passionate about the benefits of the practice and was comforting to us all.
The process includes meditating for 20mins twice a day (which has to be taught by TM teachers) where your mind is relaxed to ‘restful alertness’. Coupled with the list of benefits to you that would improve anyone’s life, it is an avenue you should certainly have a look at.

Nueral Linguistic Programming

The process of NLP is in layman’s terms, programming of your mind. This can include you develop your mental and cognitive functions that can determine your behaviour. It empowers you, the controller of your life, to make the decisions that will help you reach the type of life you want to live. Quite a claim but I feel that it is quite achievable. A good plan if you would like to work on your feelings on a daily basis, allowing you to make decisions. These decisions could be difficult and challenging but learning the above, you can be informed of how to approach it.

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With these two options to consider, I think the last few days have been quite productive. I feel as though I could be going in the right direction so the same could happen to you. Have a look at them and let me know?

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