The Importance of Mental Health

The Importance of Mental Health

Waiting for an appointment to see a doctor can be painful enough for some. The waiting lists at hospitals have been documented negatively and I do not suppose it will be better anytime soon. In this day and age, why is this so?


The Reality


Reading Denis Campbell’s piece stating that the government will miss its own targets by  a considerable amount, the future is bleak. The reality is that not enough mental health professionals will be employed and it seems that more, is likely to leave. How can this be? According to Campbell, the prime minister has prioritised mental health within the UK, allocating extra funding. This seems fine in the longer term but what about now? It is fine to project facts and figures to tell a nation what the intentions of the government are. But we are not stupid. What good os the money if there is nobody there to utilise it?





If all mental health sufferers of whatever kind, were to embrace meditation or yoga, what would happen? My guess is that they would be asked to focus their attention on the here and now, and not plan too far ahead. What seems to be the case in every UK government, is that they let issues get too far away from the reality that it becomes fruitless when engaged. People are quickly recognising that their mental and not just physical health really matters.


For example, I know of one person who worked as a mental health nurse and the job was tremendously stressful. Understaffed, and overworked, they suffered from the kinds of stress the position was trying to remove from others. It clearly doesn’t make sense. There seems to be a massive lack of understanding from the people who make the decisions and hold the purse strings of this country.




There are many individuals who are suffering and feel helpless at the same time. The issues are real and they are now. Not just with the man on the street but high profile people. Sportspeople, actors, politicians are all in the mix as mental illness is aware that everyone is vulnerable. The sense of despair that can be felt by others cannot be ignored. You look at the Twitter or Instagram feeds and there are thousands if not millions of lost souls that need help now. Everyone of them at a different level of existence.



Government Assistance


The government of the UK has pledged in their Long Term Plan that monies will be made available to be spent on improvement to the UK’s growing mental health problems. But as previously stated, it is suggested that NHS employees are leaving the service due to the work pressures and lack of funding to ease the burden. What are the issues that need to be tackled now?


Talk to Me


I want you to talk. If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health, then sign up to the Silent Network. A place away from prying eyes for men to talk to one another, over their issues they may be suffering. Let it be known that although we may not be able to cure you, we can at least go someway to listen to you. Please.



One analogy that I have had in relation to people’s mental state is this…. it must seem sometimes that all of the seven billion people on the planet are aiming their thoughts at you.Your mind is corrupted with others’ views…


Could you handle it?







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