10th January 2019

10th January 2019

I have felt unbelievably tired today. Very subdued and I don’t know why. What is it that my mind is trying to do to me? I woke this morning again at 6.30, and the thoughts of another day wasted seemed real. Mental health in people really does impact on even the most happiest of people.

I then remembered that I am attending a meeting tonight at the Maharishi School in Skemersdale, to listen to the benefits of Transcendental Meditation. I am looking forward to this as I desperately want to reach some sort of spirituality. It’s not that I want to be some sort of guru, but so I can at least understand how to be calm in such weird and strange times.

There are many ways I would like to take this blog and I believe that I can. I just wish that the mental health of my being was able to be controlled, and put to good use. Instead of ideas being bandied around like catching confetti on a windy day!

I will let you know how it goes tomorrow.


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