The Benefit of Exercise to Combat Mental Health

The Benefit of Exercise to Combat Mental Health

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The feeling of exercise is great for me. I can be out on walks or runs and everything in the world looks great. The exercise finishes and I come back to reality. I feel good, but something is missing. It is as if I could exercise all day because I seem to have expendable energy that won’t go away. Yet on the return home, I instantly feel shattered!

Listening to what Leon is saying in his video has made me think a little. To what I can do to increase some nice activity in my brain, instead of the daily clutter. Are there items that I can implement into my routine for when I go back to work, to decrease the level of stress that can be immersive to me?




The movement that is performed in our bodies alters the physiology of it and this can improve the way we feel. What I mean by this is, through moving the body in some form of exercise will improve well-being.

Going back to the work scenario and possibly sitting at a desk all day would have a negative impact on you. Imagine sitting down all day at your desk and then trying to face going to the gym after work? Pretty daunting I would say. An analagy that I can think of is this:

What is the first thing you do if you have sat down for a long journey? For me, when I reach the destination, I look for the first chair to sit down on!


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But how can men who suffer with mental illness motivate themselves off the couch or out of bed? The thought of exercising in any form is a massive deal. From putting clothes on or having a shower, the task is magnified as a case of the ‘can’t be bothered’ sets in. But how much of what you are experiencing do you need? Whether it be depression, social anxiety, bi-polar disorder the feelings I imagine would be much the same?

When you feel like you cannot be bothered, do you ever think that the energy you spend on not being bothered, could be detrimental to your well-being? The cries of ‘what do you expect me to do?‘ are ringing in my ears but what if these thoughts were just that? What if the first step of the journey could be saying no to just one of the thoughts that possess you?


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The image above represents what I am trying to say. If you look hard at the picture what do you see? The first thing that I can relate to is this…..how did it get there?

We can argue that it has grown from a seed that has found its way into the brickwork but the point would be missed. What if the struggle of the plant forcing its way through the brickwork was us? Trying to get through the brick wall on a daily basis, with multiple obstacles in the way.

This is us. This is the struggle that we have with depression, anxiety, bpd and other mental illnesses. But maybe, just maybe the struggle can be overcome. You are the seed, you will make the change into the flower whatever stands in your way.

Make sure you don’t give up. Just like the image above.



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