9th January 2019

9th January 2019

Yesterday, I took a strange decision for me. I attended a group at a local centre. The group was focusing on the issues that they had faced and are still facing within their lives. It was quite liberating.

It wouldn’t be something that I would normally do but I am glad I did it. The people I did meet were compassionate, attentive and extremely open about their life experiences so far. For me, this is amazing and I hope it continues. The group is called Hope Street, based in Liverpool and Ormskirk, Lancashire.





When I arrived I was met by two people, Daniel and Marie. We instantly started chatting and the nervous barrier was broken. The lasting thought from this was that as soon as I started to chat, I felt an enormous relief that there were people who have similar experiences to me – it was as if someone had removed a heavy blanket.

Sheila was the host of the event. She shared her story along with Daniel and once they had finished their respective narratives, I felt immense pride for these people. I felt happiness and a sense of hope that I hadn’t felt for a while. A positive experience. Listening to others instead of incarcerating myself in my own thoughts, was liberating in a small but also massive way.

The fight that people have within themselves can for many, be the stumbling block to allow them to become free of the chains of mental illness. Speaking I suppose doesn’t work for everyone. Indeed, some people would prefer to listen but for me, I want to talk. With Hope Street providing the service they do for people suffering from mental health issues, it can be an excellent resource for people to become aware of how others feel. In turn, I feel this can be related to how you may feel?

I have since spoken to Sheila and Daniel and I have arranged to go to an NLP class on Saturday, and I will write a post about Daniel in the near future. I guess you can say that today, I feel really good.










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