The Toxicity of Masculinity

The Toxicity of Masculinity

The toil and trouble of being a man. What does this mean and how does it relate to others? Eldra Jackson has spoken candidly about how the effects of life have taken their toll on him. You see, his journey has come full circle as he devours the association of being a ‘man’ as opposed to being human.
I would encourage you to listen to what he has to say in this inspiring TED Talk. You may change your way of thinking about being a ‘man’.



There is a pre-conceived idea of how we should behave like men, and can be labelled as are ‘hunter-gatherer’. The man who looks after everybody, apart from himself at times. For me, I have witnessed the testosterone-fuelled, aggressive type that can be the inspiration for many boys to emulate. Consequently, this approach doesn’t work for me and, I stay away from it.




The roads that we decide to follow are a choice which is can be influenced by others. In the example, circumstance leads him down a dangerous path, that he followed, and subsequently paid the price. However, within the darkness came light.


One of the areas that are discussed is ‘toxic masculinity’. Being negative around others that can impact greatly and includes not displaying emotions. I can relate to this, and its problems. For me, I am a closed book and the problems I contain are exactly that – contained!


Become the change


The whole purpose of me writing this blog is to open myself to the opinions of others. This is not easy as I have decided to keep a lot of my thoughts to myself for fear of judgement. However, it is something I must do to combat my feelings. Overcoming fear of what others think is more difficult than you can imagine.


What I have actually realised is through this tactic, the only thing that happens is frustration with not being able to express my thoughts. My feelings are restricted as I do not feel empowered to have a voice. With these arguments in mind, it is a process that takes time. This will be something I will overcome.


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