The Menacing Mind

The Menacing Mind

How does it feel when your mind cannot stop spinning around? The thoughts that seem to have been injected into our bloodstream, accelerate so fast.




Everything that we can do in our entire lives is now reliant on technology. Thinking about it….we get up and look at the phone. Arriving at work, we check emails and phone. Throughout the day is the same and we get home, the same again. We are so accessible to others that are we actually forgetting the fundamentals of what it means to relax? The idea of relaxation is difficult, as the phones are so technologically advanced now that it is impossible to have a night away from them. A fear of missing out on something?


The Reality


In light of the above, I completed a little experiment. Installed on my phone is a widget to check out how much time was spent on it. The realisation was that on average, it was eight hours! The thought that the device that seems forever attached to the side of my face was one of shock! Considering that I have fallen so far out of the society that I don’t ring anyone up for a chat anymore which is quite alarming.


In this day and age, almost everyone I know will have some sort of device that allows them to communicate with the ‘outside’ world and age is also not a barrier. For example, I attended a Neuro-Linguistic Programming event near me and sat next to me for the day, was a lovely lady who had a smartphone, and was competent at using it! Please don’t take that the wrong way as I think it’s great, but she was eighty years old! Age is no barrier at all!



All of us across the planet seem to now live in a virtual world, far removed from what was society. How does this affect us? Surely these devices have an impact on our mental health in the sense that it can affect our brain perhaps? My understanding is one of excitement on receiving a new device but after a while, like anything else, it becomes a part or way of life.


The homelife situation


The reality is that we all have devices. Whatever they may be, they impact massively on our lives. all the time we are connected. The kids are forever talking to somebody, everybody apart from the people who love them the most. And we are no better. As adults, do we set an example to ourselves and others? My guess is no.

Why is this part of the problem? For me, the issue isn’t about the amount of time spent using gadgets or wanting stuff now, it’s more than this. It is higher up the in the echelons of business and the corporate world that hurts us. Not in a physical sense but more of a mental impact.


Technology and reality


We rely on technology so much that we are forgetting how to live, and how to switch off. The lure of a luxurious life is in our face and when you are struggling with life’s difficulties, it will have a massive effect on people with mental health problems. For me personally, the drive to want ‘something more’ is real.


But what is this? What is the ‘something’ more? Everything. The bigger car, the bigger house, the best phone etc and how that increases my standing in society. What a load of shite!

Do I need it? NO!! Does it make me the happiest I can be? NO!!





What do you see? Images, posters, sexy people, leaflets, advertisements, the list could go on. This is damaging as the pursuit of wanting everything comes at a price. The price could be unhappiness. The unhappiness that you cannot have what you want; the destruction of the planet to ensure you have the things you don’t need; when you do have what you want, there is something else that is released which we are encouraged to ‘need’.



It is astounding that from one idea, a new way of the world was born. Especially when the idea was a metal box. Malcolm McClean was the instigator of the container which allows the transportation of goods across the globe in multiple amounts. Effectively, it has created consumerism on a global/universal scale. Everything you can think of travels across the sea to be dumped onto shelves with an overinflated price-tag. How do we cope?


There is hope. Two guys from America are doing just that. Minimalism is living a lifestyle with the least amount of ‘things’ and is being encouraged for us to embrace the thought. Maybe to disassociate from the corporate world we are ‘forced’ to live with and accept as normal.


What next?


You don’t need it. More importantly, is it something that you will value in your life? I feel this is what I need to tell myself as it doesn’t serve me to have the latest gadgets, the car, the house. To be happy and live a simplistic life.

The thought of struggling every day to find the money for the best holidays or the biggest telly is not what I really want to do. Having said that, would I love to have enough money to last my lifetime – yes! I suppose there is a fine line between have and have not that is difficult to understand.


What should be done? From the corporate world, nothing. That machine is too big and the only way to dismantle it would be to ignore the direct advertising aimed at us, our parents and our children. This, alas, is something that I cannot foresee happening. It is a social media menagerie of ways to get you to spend money which in reality, we haven’t got. 



Moving forward, it is up to us to decide what we need and don’t need. Take your time to ask if you really need it. Or, think about how long you will like the item after you have bought it. Normally the thrill will wear off after a short period of time. Buy the things that you ACTUALLY need and not want first, and see how you go?


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