Introducing Habit

Introducing Habit

At this stage in my life, I would really like to be more of a role model for others but more personally, for my son. I have tried in the past to go at full steam ahead and endeavor to go running, walking, swimming, hiking, eating well, become more spiritual, read more, stop drinking as much and the list could go on. On thinking with more clarity on the subject, I feel it is my duty as an overweight (according to my BMI), middle-aged man to do something about it. But how do you undo years of regularity?


Not the gym…


The gym is not a place for me as I’ve tried and failed as I ended up in the sauna after finding it too difficult on the rowing machine after a bottle of wine and four cans of lager the night before, not the ideal preparation, you see. Listening to all the toned girls and boys in there making it sound so easy which made me visualise them in thirty years, and whether they still had the drive once the children come along and the days of going out on the town, slip away into their memory banks.



What then…?


In the New Year, although I have started already, I am going to put my plans into action and below is a list of areas I am going to succeed in:

  1. Exercise
  2. Meditation
  3. Water
  4. Paleo
  5. Finance

These areas are not alone as I need to focus on my relationship, work, family and enjoyment in life. I will encompass these in my daily routine.


Create the habits I need to succeed…


Instead of being gung-ho in my approach and losing interest with things at great speed, I have looked at creating habits to help. I have an app on my phone called Loop Habit Tracker  (on Android – there are alternatives for iPhone) and what this has helped me do so far is to monitor the number of times that a complete a task I want to do on a daily basis. It also tells me that I haven’t done the things I want to do, so I am able to see where I need to step up my game hence, why I am starting fully in the New Year.


So where am I starting?


Exercise – I want to devise a plan that will work for me and could possibly work for others using some of the following elements:


Yoga Running Cycling Hiking Walking
Climbing Swimming Football Kayaking Camping


Well-being – is probably coming to the forefront of a lot of people’s minds and this can only mean a good thing as we will be able to realise the issues before they become too much for us. Companies across the UK are also implementing this into the workplace as the realisation that people are swamped in work is being recognised. With some of the elements below, I am going to bring this into my daily routine and hopefully transmit the changes that I feel inside to all of you. Coupled with this, is the desire to try new things to help make myself feel from the inside out, across the upcoming year.


Meditation Silence A Yoga Retreat Different Yoga Spiritualism Nature
Remove Technology Work/Life Balance Spiritual Group Buddism Raiki Lifestyle


Diet – as with everything else, our diet is important and before you yawn, I will reiterate that this is a plan that can be altered to suit yourself, encompassing or leaving out totally the ideas suggested.


Paleo Water Herbal Tea Nuts Fruit Vegetables
Plant Based




A suggestion for you…


The above as mentioned is a guide for me initially and the purpose is to look at the ideas and to develop habits that can allow you to continue these practices in your everyday life. Below there are a couple of books that may be of interest to you and are The power of habit and  The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People have a look at them and they may help in forming the habits that you may need to help you have more balance in your life. In the new year, I will focus on the areas of this post and formulate a plan that works for me, possibly with before and after photos to show any differences in appearance.

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