Do You Need A New Start?

Do You Need A New Start?

I wonder how many times we say that we hate our job? Wishing we could do something else to meet the bills every month with money to spare. If it were that easy I suppose we could do it couldn’t we?




But what makes it so hard, in my opinion, is fear. Fear of the unknown and where the money is coming from to meet our financial responsibilities.


Fear that we will lose the identity that we have acquired throughout our working life. The respect that has been given due to the efforts put in over a long period of time. All of this respect can be for nothing in the grand scheme of things: we can literally be replaced in a heartbeat.


We all know this but yet we still turn up. We put in as much effort as we always have done. I’m sure that you realise that no matter how much of a difference you make in the workplace, it will be a flash in the pan acknowledgment. This is followed by higher expectations of you to become better. On average most of us have around 90000 hours in the workplace according to Shaa Husman so this begs the thought…


‘Should we be a slave to the rhythm or can we break free from the chains that define us?’


Although out of the workplace currently, I do actually love my job. The people I work with and the people we support is a luxury that I couldn’t let go of without either a £50m lottery win or retirement! Having said this, do I want to be in my place of work and subject to the demands of a demanding sector? Historically strapped for cash meaning the reality is, I will be spinning so many plates every time I go into work unless the pressures of the job ease.


However, on speaking to many people who have changed careers, they are now so much happier from taking that first step and there is no reason why you nor I, couldn’t do the same.


The following is a suggestion of how you could do it if you so desired. 


1 – Speak to your partner – explain how you feel in your current role and how you feel it impacts on you and your health. Does the current role make you feel drained every day, or does it make you feel invigorated? Maybe your age could have something to do with it.


Do you have the desire or want to change your whole life. It would also be an idea to help your partner and the wider family to understand the various benefits of you changing careers too. It doesn’t necessarily mean its all about money, you or your wants.



2 – Research what you want to do 

You could use your interests as a starting point. Look into how you could make it work. So the idea would be to finding out as much about it as possible, and if it was viable. For example, if it isn’t an option to uproot the family, there is no point in spending all this time worrying about what might be. You will need to have a plan of where you may want to go. 


For instance, I have a longing to be outdoors. Walking, hiking, camping etc but I just don’t seem to be able to fit it all in. So, I looked at what opportunities there could be for me and an Outdoor Activity Instructor popped up on Google which I researched, and could possibly look at doing in the future.  




3 – Money

Can you afford it? Doesn’t it make you cry when we bring the impact of finance into the equation? Unfortunately, this is the be all and end all in reality. The fact that we need money to survive is paramount, however, there is a way.


Look at ways to reduce your liabilities in all their form. I think you should place them in the order of importance. For example, the smallest amount first as once this is cleared, you can put the extra money towards the next liability you need to pay.


There are many different ways to budget your money – I will be looking further into this in the New Year so I will keep you updated on how I plan to improve my finances.



4 – Bravery


Nobody should be worried about a change in their lives but we are – all of us and that’s OK. Think about the variety of roles in the world available to us. The world is smaller now due to the internet and the technology it encompasses.


You may have talents that you haven’t used for a while, so re-connect to it. Make it work for you. Listen to your inner voice and make the change. You deserve it!


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