The week gone by…26th November 2018

The week gone by…26th November 2018

I guess for most people the start of the week is always difficult and for me, it was no exception. I have the doctors on Tuesday and I was quite worried about it as I do not feel any different to when I was there last time. But for now, I have watched programmes on food which is quite surprising as it implies that what I have eaten for most of my life has been well, shit. So, the idea that I have been eating rubbish has sent my mind into overdrive which is not really great as you may well understand, as I have decided that as for the second part of my life, changes must ensue.

The idea of Paleo may make some people balk at the thought of eating like cavemen but here it is; claims that as a diet it can clean your body to allow it to function the way it should. Maybe it’s the way forward for us men as the programme I watched on Tuesday suggested that it can help with the following:

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

Now I am not a doctor or health professional but if it can help with these ailments, then it can only be a good thing my friends? The programme I have watched is from Food Matters TV and is full of useful information that we as men could employ into our lives to help with whatever our problems may be. You will be able to see the film if you subscribe to FMTV or indeed if you look on Youtube (I do not advocate this).

So this is my intention to start the next part of my life by treating my body a little better than the last 48yrs. From next week I am eating paleo which may be a little too much in one go as I should really ease myself into it. However, this is what I have now decided as my health is all of a sudden an important matter for me as I have realized that I am not immortal!

My appointment at the doctor was as expected but to be honest, I was glad. She is the most enthusiastic of doctors that I have ever met but on the negative side, my medication has been changed to a more powerful anti-depressant called Venlafaxine. I was told that it would make me sick, give me headaches but it has no been proven in my case so I suppose this is something I should be thankful over. On the contrary to this, I have been spaced out and distant which has caused a few arguments (again!) as she thinks I do not care. Sometimes I feel that I get it from all sides as I am a person who is quiet and not confident to speak, yet argue with no real thought process or purpose so it is pointless to me. I know this approach is painful to others but I guess at the moment it is the best I can do. But, more importantly, this is my ‘half-time adjustment’ as I am determined to change my life for the better, and Paleo amongst other things is the start.

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