The Onion Mindset

The Onion Mindset

We could all use a little help now and again and this is no exception. Whether our moods are really low due to depression, or anxiety, arguing with others, we all suffer and no sense of bravado does anyone any good. I understand that we all cannot be the best version of ourselves at all times as this would be ludicrous. Moreover, I do feel as though we can curb our enthusiasm for living an existence when we could be enjoying life and everything it has to offer.

We live in a world which is dominated by how you should live with direction from cookery shows, money programmes, how to build exterminating robots to name a few and all of it seems surreal to me. When you amalgamate this with ever-evolving technology and how much it exploits us, is it any wonder that we can all be a little ‘messed up’ inside but strong on the outside through tenacity to stay in touch with the pressures of modern day living, and all its accompanying instruments of damage? We seem to be living the life of direction and not a life by choice. One minute we are eating well, the next it’s bad for us or you shouldn’t exercise because it’s not worth it if you only complete 20 minutes a day. Do you get the point?



The above photo was taken at Anfield earlier last season and it struck me as I looked around, that how many people that attend the football are actually supporters or lovers of the game? This is just one example of how we live currently which is quite disturbing as for me, the world is a lesser place humanity wise due to the obsession that we all have with technology.

Go your own way

I don’t suppose it matters what life you lead or where you live it but do we really need to follow our peers in everything we do? I was not great at school but I managed to find a good job as a printer. A job I held for about twenty years or so but I always had the ambition to be a manager. In hindsight, I really didn’t need the stress.


But you can see why people feel that it is a progression for them, and how much it can become a quest rather than development. Who are you developing? You, or someone you are managing? If we are totally honest, whatever work we do and whatever capacity, we are all culpable for when things go wrong and will be replaced in an instance should the need arise – we should be mindful of this.


This leads me onto what I think will become more and more prominent perhaps not in my lifetime, but I feel that the more technology takes over in the future, the less need there will be for humans! Where do we draw the line?


Taking the layers off


The path that I am wanting to follow is a similar journey to a guy named Ben Bidwell, aka, The Naked Professor. Ben has suffered from mental illness (anxiety) when starting up a new company. A number of personal issues were apparent for him which he has addressed but seemed to stem from ‘being shut off from his emotions’. Ben has an Instagram account which he has set up called thenakedprofessor which is Ben’s version of his life through the lense of Instagram. I have only just stared following him but I am keen to see what he is all about.

With this in mind he has ten tips for baring your soul and becoming the best version of you possible. Have a look here: Bare your soul 


Do it for yourself


This can be your opportunity to have a go and let me know at the Silent Man. 





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