Why Am I Doing This?

Why Am I Doing This?

Where is our voice?

From childhood through to now, I have suffered from not having a voice. Not being a stronger person. A people pleaser. A ‘yes’ man. Non-confident, unable to take difficult decisions. Been diagnosed with depression, anxiety and have had suicidal thoughts, been emotional and dam right nasty to the people who love. This has been a long-standing problem to which I have had no real idea of how I wanted my life to be – truth be told, I am still unsure but I have found something that will help me and others like me, to overcome the difficulties that men can face in their lives.

I have made the choice to speak. I want to speak to others who suffer in silence, who cannot or do not speak because they feel as though they can’t. If they have had or are having a difficult life at times and feel compelled to ‘keep it all in’ – I have done this and let me tell you, it has affected my mental health to the nth degree. But, I feel that as men, we are programmed to believe that we are the hunter-gatherer and we do not need any help from anybody as we are men, and we are OK. I don’t think we are. Yes, we have the capacity to be the above but sometimes, even the hardened falter and fall. We continue in our daily lives whether you are a doctor, investment banker, fireman, caretaker to a footballer, we all have something that binds us as men – the ability to speak. If we could speak and open up to our friends or close associates, would we harbour the desire to have affairs, take risks, upset others, make catastrophic mistakes, drink, drugs and not grow up?

The Modern Man

Sometimes, I feel, this bravado is too much for the modern man to bear. I walked the street the other day and it surprised me to notice how everybody was so glum and down. Not just men but women and children too. Is this world so bad that we have to suffer in our own little worlds and become so wrapped up in our technical devices to notice how we all are feeling? If this is the case then what will become of the future generations of our families, are we being the role models to our children that we should be?.

So this begs the question why am I doing this? I guess the reality is that it will be a process for me of letting go of the past which has haunted me for so long but more so, to encourage men to come out of their own comfort zone and have a place of sanctity where they can open up to other men who could well be going through the same (maybe more maybe less) issues we as men, are so adept at hiding. The topics could be anything that you desire to talk about whether relationships, work, depression, anxiety, illness, children or you may need assistance or another male point of view to help you through whatever ails you.

It starts with you.

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