What Am I Going To Be Doing?

What Am I Going To Be Doing?

The purpose of my choosing to write this blog is to give an account of what I have and am experiencing in my life. I want to encourage men across the globe to forget about the stigma that is given remarking that we do not open up or say anything at all, to anyone! We are meant to have emotions, feelings and opinions but we seem to fail to show these attributes for whatever reason you may choose. But one thing is clear, we DO have a voice and we should be confidednt to use it so this is what I am proposing…

Silence in the News

I will write about issues in the news and my own take of it. This news stories can be sourced from just about anywhere and the outcome of this would be that we can have a discussion, with humour and thought whereby we may be able to release some pent-up frustration regarding a particular topic, and lord knows there are always stories that can frustrate us.

Difficult Conversations

In all walks of life, there are moments that we would prefer not to talk about problems that could make us feel vulnerable. We tend to shy away from them in the hope that they will go away un-noticed and forgotten about by others; what if we could get them off our chest and seek help and advice of others in a secure area, as opposed to Facebook or other networking platforms, to help us confront the issues that we can face on a daily basis? I have numerous experiences in my life that I would call difficult, and that I would not feel comfortable talking about with¬† those closest to me, however, I am prepared to open my life up to a degree and see who can offer advice and guidance with the hope it will inspire others to do the same. Why? My mental health has always been below where it should be in my opinion and for me to reveal to myself and others that it is good for me to talk, and may improve the way I feel will be the door that a lot of men will be able to walk through. I want to build a community of men struggling with their demons to come in and talk……..and repair what may be broken.

Life in my Shoes

This is an area where I share experiences in my life which is open to interpretation by others whether right, wrong or indifferent. A place for me to share with you the trials, tribulations of the modern man in today’s world. Sometimes funny, sad, frustrating but importantly, it will be honest to the degree that I will be allowed to, I mean, I can’t be too personal can I?

The Silent Network

An area for men who prefer a little more privacy if they have something on their mind. Members can sign up to the network and can contribute without judgment, and be able to talk openly in an environment away from the rest of the world. A sanctuary, a closed door, a gentleman’s area, call it what you will but most of all it will be a place of freedom to express what bothers you, and how others may be able to help. This could be through advice, guidance signposting to other areas of but with the aim in mind of allowing men to talk freely on how they feel or what is upsetting them. We may not be trained psychologists or health professionals but we are human and can offer a listening ear or words of encouragement to help you through whatever dark or dimmed times you may be going through.

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