Becoming wound up…

Becoming wound up…

Working under ‘pressure’

As a former employee of Aldi I can safely say that although they pay a decent wage, they certainly expect their pound of flesh from you. I don’t think as consumers fully understand the pressure that the staff can actually be under as they have to meet the targets that are set by the organisation. You can understand the layout of the stores, for example, there is nowhere for you to pack your shopping as it comes through the tills and this is deliberate as to move the customer away from the till to bring the next one along. The till operators are measured on the number of items they scan per hour which equates to why they throw the shopping in your direction! Also, the store management can at times, as customers to push items through that are hidden from the view of the till operator, just to check whether or not they have noticed the items and if they don’t, they are reprimanded by the manager.

However, from the perspective of the store assistant, it can be that frustration will boil over when consumers are not understanding why the processes are in place. For instance, people can feel as though staff are deliberately pushing items through and they can’t keep up, has led to many a colourful discussion taking place between the affected parties. Christmas was the best as there was no room for manoeuvre at all but fuck it, everyone was in the same boat but ‘at least you got your shopping, love. I have to wait until Christmas Eve to get mine!’

But moving on from the retail environment, and look at what does wind us up as men. For me, it is the silliest things like not getting my own way like a selfish child that I am. I am sure that there is much cause for why men get upset and angry, but if we drill down into our psyche, we may be able to find a root cause. I am not saying that displaying our anger is necessarily a bad thing as you need to offload sometimes, but is there a more constructive way to damp down our angst.

For me, being outside works. The feeling of solitude and fresh air gives me time to think and to be away from the things that can overpower me. I have a desire to join hiking groups as the power of nature and the wilderness is there to be explored but there are other areas that can be tried. A friend once told me that as part of his management of a conflict, we would go out to his garage and punch seven kinds out of his punch bag which not only got rid of his anger and testosterone but also kept him fit a large extent – winner!

Another option is to stop it, just stop it.

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