What does it mean to you? How do you handle stress when you don’t even know you’ve got it?


There is help


Moodzone is a hub of helpful sources for you to discover as part of the National Health Service (UK) and has a wide variety of organisations that can help in some way of you are suffering from any form of stress or anxiety. Please talk.


The decision


Stressed. Tearful, angry, distant, non-functioning, anxiety, chest pounding, no sleep, too much sleep but you get the picture. Working in Health and Social Care can be a thankless task. For the majority of health workers, the problem is that the demands of work being placed upon people can sometimes get too much. You need to protect yourself.


My story is one of many. Plights that men seem to be focused on achieving what they need to, at whatever the cost. This can be across all sectors who have had a tendency to place a huge amount of work onto the employees. They are expected to be a jack of all trades and master of none. 


Love yourself too!


You see lads, the job I have is wonderful. However, I am also beginning to like myself and would like to see my son have kids that I can help look after and support when I am older; not being worn out and frail by the time I’m seventy slurping soup and licking windows!


The environment in which I work in is support for vulnerable people. These individuals can have learning disabilities and autism who need twenty-four-hour support from a dedicated team of people. Last year I could not arrange the cover needed. People were already overworked and stressed due to the amount of time they spent in work. This culminated in me having to cover shifts myself over Christmas, which impacted massively on work-life balance.


The phone would not stop ringing from people who rang for reassurance more than anything else and the time pressure placed upon us was at times, unrealistic. The desire to achieve so much was so, that I was prepared to work myself as a dog until I achieved it. But something had to give.


At home, I was argumentative, drunk, dismissive, tired, running on empty, behind on my work as well as working when I got home after ten hours of sorting problems. Eventually, I went to the doctors and told him what had led up to this bout of suicidal thoughts, depression, worthlessness, low self-esteem to name a few and he asked me what I wanted. 


Uncertainty hit. Here I was sitting in front of a man who is used to dealing with all types of individual problems and worries. But this was me, I don’t have issues as men can cope with everything. Can’t we?


Time to re-think things…


The answer my friends is no……I couldn’t. And neither can you. If you feel as though the world is compelling you to a life of never-ending stress then STOP! Work can manage without you for a few weeks while you get some support and it’s OK to ask for it.


Sometimes, we all want something we don’t want to ask for but the best thing you can do in my opinion is take the first step….pick up the phone and make an appointment with the doctor. It will be the strongest thing you will do. I did this and was absent from work for about six weeks whilst trying to relax into who I was before the stress came and took away my freedom.


I relaxed, went on walks, spoke to my partner, saw my family, and generally took it easy. Things were going well until recently, however, and I am back off work. The situation is due to medication which I have increased my dose which is helping.


I suppose the moral of the story is that work can replace you at any given time so you need to ensure that you are well enough to fight off the demands of work. Look after yourself.


Be the change…


Not just for you, but for your family too. I am trying to make money to support myself and my family via other means and will be back in work in January. But my outlook is changing. I am not a slave to the workplace anymore. The daily tasks that will to be completed, will be done in what time I have during the day and that is it.


The most difficult thing is to say no but from now on, it is a word that I am going to use to make sure I live MY life in the right way.

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